The 1983 1 Onza Mexican Libertad and of Winged Angels

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“Black birds tend to like Shiny things.” ~ The Bloody Raven

I’ve posted a previous article on the Inaugural 1982 Libertad a few months ago and then I have this 1983 Libertad left over. My closest friends know I have two young boys that I plan to pass my wealth to, and so I often get pairs where possible to prevent any future arguments.

The Inaugural 1982 1 Onza Mexican Libertad

And of course I will be resuming the Chronicles, Sister Teresa D’Mordecai later after dealing with a recent spate of distracting life issues.

It’s been a while since I did a Beer Post so this would be my second. I admitted to @monsterjamgold that my primary criteria in selecting my next experimental Beer to explore is a fancy looking label, eye catching, maybe even funny. Forget snobbishly peering at the can’s ingredients, cork sniffing and any advanced research before laying down my five Canadian bucks! Nope, Label, price, keep it simple and I’m outta there.

My Selection this time?

Steamworks: Black Angel IPA

STEAMWORKS Brewing Company, located on 375 Water Street in Vancouver is a popular local Pub and Brewery company with an odd sense of style and adventure.

Since I was thinking about angels, the figure looking oddly familiar, and that it was under my $8 budget I chose this. Using the baseline of a run-of-the-mill large Brewery beer that I won’t name, I ventured into this specialty brew with anticipation.

The color is very dark, almost opaque. Thick head, a very big aroma that gave a hint of the taste to come and I wasn’t disappointed to a monstrous blend of flavors. At 7% alcohol in a tall 473ml can this was much more that I can finish though it wasn’t too bad finishing the next day. Best when fresh but I didn’t have someone of legal age to share with at the time.

Now to the coin!

1983 Mexican 1 Onza Libertad
Reverse: 1 Onza PLATA PURA M 1983 MEXICO Ley 999
0.999 Fine Silver, 31.1g
36mm Diameter, 3.47mm Thickness

I love this design more than the current Libertad as the Winged Angel of Independence is featured much more prominently in her smaller details like the feathers in the wings, folds in the robe and the leaves in the laurel. The laurel originates from the Greek symbol of Victory or honor worn by victorious Greek athletes.
I have yet to see a Proof version but I must be awesome.

1983 Mexican 1 Onza Libertad

KM# 494
Mintage of 1,002,766

1983 Mexican 1 Onza Libertad

Independence and Liberty

Vancouver’s Winged Angel: CPR Station Bronze War Memorial

Not much more than ten minutes walk west of the Steemworks Brewery you would find this Statue of an Angel lifting a dead soldier heavenward, is located in front of the Canadian Pacific Railway Waterfront station.

This Heritage Site Statue’s significance is represented as the war memorial to the 1,116 CPR Employees that were killed in World War 1. This statue is created and installed in 1921 by artist Coeur de Lion MacCarthy under the commission of the Canadian Pacific Railway and it’s employees. Two other identical statues are installed in Deer Lodge Hospital in Winnipeg and Montreal’s Windsor Station. The Statues have the following Inscription;

To Commemorate Those in the Service of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company Who at the Call of King and Country, Left All That Was Dear to Them, Endured Hardship, Faced Danger and Finally Passed Out of Sight of Men by the Path of Duty and Self Sacrifice, Giving Up Their Own Lives That Others May Live in Freedom. Let Those Who Come After See to It That Their Names Are Not Forgotten. / 1914–1918 1939–1945

I’m sure the Steemwork’s Black Angel IPA beer generated some public controversy but the best response I heard was, “Let’s discuss this over a beer and make a toast to our past heroes!”

And one last thing...

Another Version of the Angel of Victory is this 1966 20 Sols from Peru commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Callao. KM# 249. Rather than a Laurel the Angel holds up a sheaf of grain on the left and a bouquet of flowers on the right hand. This Image is Courtesy of Heritage Auctions.

The Angel of Independence and the Angel of Victory appear identical. What do you think?

Are they twins separated at birth?

Or are they the same Angel … doing double duty?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below and thank you for dropping in my blog today.



1. All are my own pictures shot with a Samsung SM-A530W unless otherwise indicated.
P. Image under Pixabay
R. Clip art from 123RF
W. Wiki Commons

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“Et lux in tenebris to serve laboro, sum sicarius” “I work in the shadows to serve the Light, I am an Assassin”