“Silver-Gold Cycles" Captain Joshua Slane – 27SE21


"Jist as Ahh suspected, th' spot price o' silvers tacks north tadays! An' th' 10 Day RA continues ona collision coorse! Will thes be th' lest day o' thes veery extended Buy Cycle? Lit me ken yer thooghts. Ahh still stain by mah caa 'att it will end thes weeks!" 😎
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"Deid in th' waters! That's hoo Ahh caa th' gauld chart todays as a stoatin' calm hits th' brine! Th' spot price o' gauld cooldnae e'en fill a jib sail! But it didne tack sooth. Th' Buy Cycle remains strang an' weel-formed. Nae reason fur me tae buy silvers ur gauld todays!" 😐 -Keptin




Pictographic Patterns an' sae forth:




📝Note: (Similars fur gauld)

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🎃 Sassenach fur lainlubbers:

a scuttle (six), afair (before), aff (off), ahh (I), ain (and), an' (and), anither (another), 'att (that), athwart (across), aw (all)

barnie (fight), beel (bell), ben (through), bevvy (drink), blimey (surprise, excitement), bloody nora (bad luck), bludy heel (bloody hell), brin' (bring), brine (sea), bunsens (money)

caa (call), caller (fresh), cannae (cannot), cheil (man), coods (could), cooldnae (couldn't), coorie (hurry), coppers (pennies, money)

dae (do), dobber (bastard), donner (walk), doon (down), dorn't (don't)

een (eyes), enaw (enough)

fa (who), fauld (fold), feit (feet), fife (five), follaw (follow), fower (four), frenk (Frank), fur (for)

gain (gone), gang (go), gauld (gold), glaikit (stupid), gob (mouth), gonnae (going to), guid (good)

hain (hand), hauld (hold), haur (here), heel (hell), heem (him), hiner (hope), hodden (common, inexpensive), hoo (how)

isnae (is not)

jawbox (sink)

ken (know), knaw (know)

laddie (boy), lang (long), lassie (girl), lest (last), lit (let), loch (like), loon (boy)

min' (mind), mirk (dark), mony (many), moorns night (tomorrow)

nae (no, not), naethin' (nothing), noo (now)

oan (on), och (oh), onie (any), oot (out)

pit (put), poochbook (pocketbook), poke (pocket), puir (poor)

reit (right), rin (run)

scran (food), shair (shore), sheit (sheet), silvers (silver), spyug (bird), stain (stand), stoaner (hard), strang (strong), swally (beer), swatch (look)

tae (to), tatties an' neebs (dinner), tay (too), teels (tell), thaur (there), thee (three), thes (this), thrang (busy), tint (lost), tois (two)

ur (or)

wav (wave), wee (little), weecht (weight), weel (well), whit (what), wi' (with), woods (would)

ye (you)

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hivebuzz (69)in #silvergoldstackers • 17 hours ago
"Congratulations Joshua Slane! You have completed the following achievement on the Hive blockchain and have been rewarded with new badge(s) : You have been a buzzy bee and published a post every day of the week."

"Is 'att sae?! Weel... th' ship's log must git entered ye knows, Navy protocol an' aw. (Ahh'm alwas thrang). Blockchain? Sounds stoaner tae pull mucker. Badges? Nae thenks, dornt wears them." 🤨 -Keptin
kerrislravenhill (69)in #silvergoldstackers • 1 hour ago
"Anither seven oonces o' silvers t' me stack. But nae onie hodden in physical."

"Aye, Ahh woods say nae hoddin shiny! Weel, if yoo've got th' coppers, ye may as weel gang fur it!"

kerrislravenhill (69) in LeoFinance • 1 hour ago
"Aye, and a very shiny series of silvers, but hard to photograph with a 17th century smartphone." Thank ye Keptin

"Ahh wood thinks sae...bide a minutes lassie! Smartphain??! Ahh dornt believes yoo're talkin' Sassenach!" 🤔 -Keptin
handofzara (66)in #silvergoldstackers • 18 minutes ago
"Yesterday the Moon was in Apogee so anything is possible from here on out to the Perigee. At that time beware of the Mirk Wave."

"Hmmm...Apogees: 'Th' point in th' orbit o' th' moon ur a satellite at which it is furthest froms th' earth'. Seems tae me mucker, 'att when th' moon is in Perigees (opposition tae th' priur, an' inverse an' sae forth), it may be exertin' a pull oan th' shiny upwards...in other words, towards th' moon....ur... 'tae th' moon!' Haw! Haw! Haw! (Och hee's a crafty one 'att Andofzara!)" 😁 -Keptin

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References: - Pictures from: www.freeimages.com, www.pexels.com, pixabay.com, US Mint Gold Eagle 1/10 oz, 'Queen's Beasts', Privateer: 'No Prey No Pay'- Elemental Mint, Sunshine Mint 'Flying Eagle' 1 oz, JMBullion, Wikipedia.

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Disclaimer: "Ahh'm nae a fockin' precioos metals advisur, nur do Ahh wants ta be! Ahh'm jist a dedicated stacker in search o' hoddin silvers an' gauld! (Anyain who says otherwise is likely tae git rin- thru!) - Captain Joshua Gavin Slane


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"In case yoo've forgotten:

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