Here is the gold coin, I added to my SHTF metal inventory.

I tried to add a little metal (gold and silver) every month, so that when I need it I'll have it. It's getting more difficult to find metal that has decent pricing!

So here's the gold I found this month:


From our friends to the North, the Canadian Maple Leaf. I think it is an attractive coin, snd I do like the leaf on the back.


Of course, I don't buy it for the pretty, I buy it for the metal; but the pretty does help, LOL!

This is one of my larger quantity designs. Most of my coins are standing liberty, because they are most available here, but I look fir the Maple Leaf too.


We will all be forced to buy what we can find soon as the supply chain is further depleted, so my buying habits will begin to change, of necessity.

We live in interesting times, I hope you are prepared for anything! It looks like anything may be imminent....

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