What would I do differently if I were to create a new sidechain for Hive?

  • I would use TypeScript (I love Javascript but TypeScript definitely fits the job better) or Rust

  • I would not launch it without a consensus mechanism

  • I would make Hive the main "utility" token of the sidechain

  • I would make the whole Hive pegging mechanism trustless (multi sig?)

  • I would build the account history plugin directly in the main software (no separate tooling)

  • I would build a validation mechanism that would help detecting invalid transactions before broadcasting them

  • I would make it token oriented rather than contract oriented (that would make the whole codebase cleaner and more performant)

  • I would find a way to incentivize people to run nodes (DEX fees? other fees?)

  • I would build a REST API instead of a JSON RPC API

What would you do if you were able to make your own sidechain?