Share My World: Venice, Italy: Part 1

For our Sibling Trip my brother, Scott or @jarvie, sister, Kristen and I went to Italy, England and Scotland.

We started the trip in Venice, Italy!

Note: You can click on all photos to see them larger.

Me, Becca (my sister's friend who is currently living in San Quirino, Italy) Kristen (my sister) and Scotty or @jarvie (my brother) and I had a fun afternoon exploring the city!

I was amazed by this man playing beautiful music on the crystal goblets.

There are so many great details all over the city to photograph.

View from the famous Rialto Bridge

Construction on this stone arch pedestrian bridge start in 1588 and ended in 1591. It is 104.3 ft (31.80 m) long and it connects the San Marco and San Polo districts. 1

Gondolas coming and going.

One of my favorites... cute couple having an afternoon lunch in a cafe.

Some more awesome details

Piazza San Marco or St. Marks Square

When standing in the square you are surrounded on all sides by very distinct and interesting architecture. One the east end is Basilica di San Marco or St. Mark's Basilica, and the Palazzo Ducale (Doge's Palace). To the north and south are the buildings of the Procuratie, the former offices of the Procurators, the chief officals of the Republic 2. In the square is also the Torre dell'Orologio or clock tower and the campanile. All of which you can see in the picture below.

For more information on St. Mark's square see my next post Share My World: Venice, Italy Part 2

Finding a scarf

One of my favorite parts of the time in Venice was my friends reaction to me finding this scarf! I had been to Venice in 2010 and found some amazing scarfs that I have worn each winter consistently for 9 years. I really wanted to find those scarfs and get some more. Look how excited they were for me.

Santa Maria della Salute

One of my goals was to make it to this beautiful Roman Catholic church. The construction began in 1831 shortly after a plague killed about a third of the population. It was completed in 56 years later, in 1687 and is still active, 332 years later. 3

Fun fact: We heard this lady playing here and then an hour or so later on the other side of Venice she was playing in the square were we were getting our second gelato.


Our mantra was- "In Italy, must eat gelato"

Fun pictures of me and @jarvie

Kristen and Scotty

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Venice with my siblings and Becca!

1 Rialto Bridge
2 Procuratie
3 Basilica of Saint Mary of Health

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