Our Airbnb on a sheep farm in England

In my last post Searching for family in Middelton-in-Teesdale I highlighted Middleton-in-Teesdale a beautiful town in Northern England and our search for our ancestors.

In this post I want to highlight how great our Airbnb was on a sheep farm.

The airbnb hostess said that they had birthed over 300 sheep that season. My mom loved sheep and would go watch them in the field by where she lived and collected black faced stuffed animals, pictures and figurines. It was so great to be surrounded by the animals she liked so much.

Here is where we stayed and the land surrounding it. It was so beautiful and green!

Because it was a working farm there were many other animals too. I have always lived in a city and so it was fun to spend a few days on a working farm.

In addition to the sheep on this farm there are sheep all over Northern England.

We had so many great Airbnbs throughout our trip and this one on a sheep farm right on the outskirts of Middleton-in-Teesdale was amazing!

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