Best of Sibling Trip

Almost three months ago I posted Share My World: Sibling trip and have posted regularly about the adventures me, my brother, @jarvie and sister Kristen had as we traveled through Italy, England and Scotland together.

For this post I will be my using my own words through the posts I made of the trip for a Best of Sibling Trip post.

This trip was a family history/heritage trip, with a week in Italy thrown in. We started in Italy because @jarvie was there shooting a wedding (I know, so cool shooting a wedding in the Italian alps). We met him in Venice and then together we explored, Venice, Florence, Tuscany and Rome. After Italy we flew to England and drove to the countryside of northern England to where a lot of my mom's family came from. Then up to Scotland to where part of my dad's family was from.

This is one of my favorite pictures of the three of us together.



We started the trip in Venice, Italy!

Our mantra was- "In Italy, must eat gelato"

Venice is a great city. I enjoyed spending an afternoon there with my friends wandering around the beautiful and unique city.


Our Sibling Trip was off to a great start. After spending the afternoon in Venice we drove Florence, Italy.

The Rape of the Sabine Women by Giambologna is a piece of art that I am so happy I discovered this trip to Florence.

Original completed in 1582 in the Galleria dell'Accademia

A copy outside in the Loggia dei Lanzi

Truly one of the most magnificent pieces of art I have ever seen. The detail of the veins, bones and flesh are astounding.

The Gates of Paradise by Lorenzo Ghiberti are a masterpiece! They were created between 1425 and 1452 and are the east doors for the Florence Baptistery.

The architecture in Florence is all over and makes my heart happy. Taking pictures with my brother at night of the city was a special treat.

It was a wonderful stay in Florence and so fun to share it with my brother and sister.


What a dream come true to be able to go to the beautiful countryside of Tuscany.

Civita di Bagnoregio is an amazing village we went to located between Florence and Rome.


St. Peter's Basilica
One of my favorite buildings in Rome. We got up super early to get to the Basilica at sunrise. It was worth it and later that day we toured the inside. It is fascinating and enormous!

Laocoon and His Sons
This sculpture is one of my favorite. I learned about it during my humanities class in college and was amazed and a bit awe struck when I was standing in front of it! This sculpture was found 1506 in Rome. It is an almost life size marble status of the Trojan priest Laocoon and his sons Antiphantes and Thymbraeus being attacked by a sea serpent.

My main goal for going to the Vatican was to see the Sistine Ceiling. I am a huge fan of Michelangelo and wanted to see the ceiling in person. Little did I know that just about every hall (which there are many) has immaculately covered ceilings.

And what is a trip without a few good sibling selfies.

I am so grateful for my siblings and that we got along so well traveling together and exploring wonderful cities like Rome!


The first week of our Sibling Trip in Italy was wonderful. From Italy we flew to London. Before heading up to Northern England and then Scotland to see where our ancestors lived we spent a couple of splendid hours at the Kew Gardens.
Gardens are one of my favorite places and they top my list when Chihuly is there.

Middleton in Teesdale, England

Middleton-in-Teesdale is located in northern England in Durham county. It is also right on the edge of the North Pennies AONB, which stands for Area of Natural Beauty.

What a precious time to be with my siblings and bond together so shortly after our mom's death and to get to know more about our ancestors in their native land.

Middleton-in-Teesdale, St Mary the Virgin

We had so many great Airbnbs throughout our trip and this one on a sheep farm right on the outskirts of Middleton-in-Teesdale was amazing!

We went to one of the best preserved sections of the wall at Birdoswald Roman Fort close to the River Irthing and Upper Denton, England.


It was a wonderful opportunity to go to Scotland....the land of our ancestors....together.

If one (my siblings and I) is going to be looking for ancestors in Falkirk, Scotland see recent post Searching for ancestors in Scotland then one (my siblings and I) must go and see and take pictures of the Kelpies!


What a great day in Edinburgh and so fun to experience this great city that we know some of our ancestors lived and visited!

Lake District

On our drive from Scotland to London we decided to drive down the western side of England through the famed Lake District. My favorite was the Kirkstone Pass because of this view!

At we were driving through the Lake District in England we pulled over to see these awesome longhorned shaggy cows. As were were taking pictures a local walked past and my brother asked, "What are they called?" He answered, "Bulls!" Ha ha, yes. We knew that. We wanted to know what kind of cow?

I will end with where I started the first of the sibling trip post with my favorite picture of me and my siblings on the trip.

Sibling Trip

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