Nebulous Labs Releases SkyNet - Decentralized CDN and File Sharing Platform - Use Case: Steem Blog Archival "SteemYaLater!"


Are you concerned about DEAD LINKS on your Steem Blog?

You're not alone!

     After hearing a tale about @adetorrent losing some images on his blog, decided myself and other Steemians could use a method to crawl their blogs and save all their images.

    Thus far, I have a script that will enumerate all blog entries and I have just completed testing of SteemYaLater!

    Unfortunately, I had a sad moment when I realized some images on my pet projects blog were goners. HTTP 404 = Page Not Found.

Think, I saved most my memes and stuff locally so I should be ok.

    This was already underway when Taek (David Vorick), the creator of Siacoin, released a most timely update!


As a current SiaCoin host, I decided to look into setting up a web portal. Perhaps, it could be evaluated as a crypto-friendly alternative to giving Jeff Bezos money errr I mean using Amazon AWS.

     After reviewing the code, I realized it was unsuitable for the purpose of converting an existing node as it entails new wallet creation. I hopped on their Discord and quickly community member Hakkane gave me the straight scoop.


     It looks like it will be easier than I thought but I will incur a cost of about $10 to run the service. My host is currently connected to an 8 Terabyte external with a scant 10 GB used as it's a relatively new host so there is plenty of room for expansion.

    The good thing about Siacoin's hosting implementation is that it is fault tolerant up to 7 of the 21 hosts for which data is striped. You can think of it as a sort of as a Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks on the blockchain. Also, hosts are required to lock in coin to your contract as a sort of promise that it will remain available. Pretty slick!

I am looking forward to using Skynet

    Other possible implementation for Sia I have been considering is setting up a reverse proxy that uses Sia for long term storage. For example, frequently accessed files could be cached locally while files stale or not accessed often will be archived fo the blockchain for long storage. I haven't performed a cost analysis so it may or may not be feasible.

    Anyways, I have some family matters to attend to as the wife has become ill. It's being going around (had to call 911 when my eldest has breathing trouble - had to administer an epipen - was not a good time!) and she rarely ever gets sick so you know it's some nasty stuff.

    Once I'm done, I'll get to the releasing of SteemYaLater on Github and sharing a howto.

    If you are not technically inclined, will be happy to perform your blog backup for a nominal fee for my time (5 SBD). Will have more information on the post.

Thanks for stopping by!

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