Bottlenecks at shipping yards a private sector problem according to Biden.

Is anyone looking for people to unload merchandise from ships waiting near ports, or to drive stuff to warehouses, or move things around in warehouses and then put them on UPS, Amazon or shipping trucks?

President Biden just described such "bottlenecks" as a "private sector problem." But the Federal government hasn't even bothered to provide green cars to legal immigrants eager to work. Nor have they allowed those younger to drive big trucks across state lines. Those are federal bottlenecks. Brave reporters should ask about them, unless they mind being barred from future White House briefings.

And Transportation Secretary Pet Buttigieg hasn't faced the Teamsters cartel and their hired politicians about keeping licensing of truck drivers restrictive to push wages up through police-enforced artificial scarcity.

Why, in an ostensibly free economy, can't young men with mediocre school histories and very few lifetime career options (other than crime) be trained to be competent Truck and Trailer drivers by some age younger than 21? Younger people do drive big rigs in nearly all states, but cannot do so if they cross state lines. What does crossing such lines have to do with safety?

Ridiculous federal rules and regulations are not a "private sector problem," but the result of ridiculous federal officials from the White House down who docilly defer to union power and politics.

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