As of now crypto is only a Stockmarket alternative for many of us!

The first-ever cryptocurrency was bitcoin. The word currency means "Money" & Money is a medium that we use to trade any object either that is physical/virtual/intellectual property. But in our daily life, we do not use a USD$ or a buck to buy a Euro.
We buy groceries! We pay bills. I know what is going on your mind right now!- "dude check the internet! It's happening already!" okay I get it but the majority of the people are still using crypto as an investment option. I know and I also admit that it's a fairly new medium so it will take a handful of time to be a standard medium or method of payment. But we are not there yet. I dream of BTC/ETH/LTC payment. When the movement will be stable. People will believe in it and use it for their regular payments. When there will be no fiat currencies. So the price of 1 BTC will be measured as 1 BTC. I know I'm bloating with optimism but if that happens only then the crypto will win. Although this seems fantasy, but that is what I dream. Though it's been 1 decade +! Though 18 million + BTC has been mined still we are in the early era. There is lot we need learn we need to improve!

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