Share Our World: Cheekwood Estate and Gardens

I am so excited to share this beautiful botanical garden with all my Hive friends.

At the end of October I went to Nashville, Tennessee to see a Chihuly exhibit at Cheekwood. It is a 55-acre garden and art museum originally built by Leslie and Mabel Cheek in 1929. It was converted into a museum and botanical garden in 1960. About 225,000 people visit Cheekwood annually. 1

By far my favorite place in the garden was this brook. Click here or below to listen to 20 seconds of the brook as you scroll through the garden pictures.

Love that falling water sound!

They were decorating with peppers!

A serene little garden space.

I was amazed when I walked around the corner and saw this beautiful fall scene.

My favorite is capturing the botanical details.

And of course the garden with some Chihuly pieces. To see the whole post see Art Talk: Chihuly at Cheekwood Estate and Garden

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