Share My World: Searching for ancestors in Scotland

Recently I posted Share My World: Searching for family in Middelton-in-Teesdale. This week I am going to post about how my and my siblings traveled to Scotland and went to the cities they were from and searched for our father's family. In England there are multiple families all in one city. In Scotland we traveled to many cities to find the families.

It was a wonderful opportunity to go to Scotland....the land of our ancestors....together.


The first city we went to is Bathgate, Scotland. It is where our grandfather John Strathearn Jarvie, immigrated with his parents in 1896 when he was 6 years old.

The Anderson's also came from Bathgate.

Time didn't allow for us to visit Stonehenge when we were in England, we did find this lone stone in Bathgate.

The cemetery was so beautiful in May.

Similar to England we found headstones with the names we were looking for, none that were direct ancestors.


Part of the Campbell family line is from Stirling, so we decided to visit and Stirling and the Stirling Castle. The view of the area was stunning from the castle.

Mary was crowned Queen of Scots in Stirling Castle in 1542 when she was 9 months old.

There were so many unicorns all over the castle!


The other part of the Campbell line and Farley's are from the Falkirk area. So we went to see the very impressive and enormous (300 feet tall) Kelpies. Watch for future Art Talk post on the Kelpies.


We traveled to Linlithgow to go to a family history center there and see Linlithgow Palace.

We worked with these great women to look for ancestors and found out that in Scotland they use which is great for our further family history research.

Linlithgow Palace is where Mary Queen of Scots was born and was my favorite castle that we visited.

We brought our lunch and picnicked on the beautiful grounds of the castle by the statue of Mary.


The Jarvie family is from Kilsyth. It was very fun to find headstones with the Jarvie name.

We also found a street name with the Jarvie name in Kilsyth and got a selfie of the three of us.

It was a wonderful opportunity to go on this trip with my brother and sister and visit the country and cities that our family lived so long ago.

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