Share My World: Rome

A lot of our time in Rome was filled with seeing and photographing beautiful buildings. I loved it! @jarvie is so great at taking pictures of buildings...he did go on the road for 15 months photographing religious buildings in all 50 states for his Faith in America project.

I brought my tripod a long and followed and learned and took some good pictures of the buildings while we explored Rome.

Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

This temple was dedicated in March 2019 and we were able to visit it a couple of months latter in May. It was wonderful to visit and worship here.

St. Peter's Basilica

One of my favorite buildings in Rome. We got up super early to get to the Basilica at sunrise. It was worth it and later that day we toured the inside. It is fascinating and enormous!

What the streets of Rome look like at 5:40am

Mausoleum of Hadrian or Castel Sant'Angelo

A great surprise. Down the street from the Basilica is this very interesting building which we later learned was the Mausoleum of Hadrian. Hadrian was the Roman emperor from 117 to 138. We also saw a statue in Rome and visited his wall in England.

Edit: The statue is Marcus Aurelius not Hadrian.

Trevi Fountain

From my first trip to Rome I remembered the Trevi fountain and wanted to go back. So did everyone else in Rome. It was extremely crowded. It is incredibly beautiful. I think the next time I go see it will be at sunrise before most of the tourists are up.

The Colosseum

We had a great time visiting the Colosseum. This is were I felt comfortable going off on my own and practiced my skills of taking pictures at night. We also had a wonderful meal across the street from the Colosseum at Cafe Martini.

And what is a trip without a few good sibling selfies.

I am so grateful for my siblings and that we got along so well traveling together and exploring wonderful cities like Rome!

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