Share My World: My first visit to Oklahoma

This summer I had some wonderful travels abroad to Italy, England, Scotland and Kenya. I don't usually travel abroad. It is much more likely for me to travel in the states and visit friends and family.

This past weekend I went to Oklahoma for the first time, to visit my friend Allison and her three cute kids!

Allison and I worked together at ASU and became good friends. We have kept in contact through the years, mostly on Marco Polo. Her oldest asked if I was the Sara on his mom's phone. Yes! Yes I am the same Sara that is often talking to your mom on her phone. So cute!

Her youngest is adorable and loved playing with the zippers on my jacket and suitcase.

On Saturday Allison and I drove a couple of hours to Pawhuska, Oklahoma. You may wonder why Pawhuska? That is where the cooking channel's Pioneer Woman is from. It was fun for me to go out there cause my mom was a very big fan and I would see Pioneer Women every day when I was at my mom's house. Allison and I went to the Mercantile (store), ate breakfast there and then went to the lodge where they film the show.

It was great spending time with Allison!

The early morning drive through the Oklahoma countryside was beautiful.

I learned that Oklahoma is a big oil and gas state. I guess that makes sense, it is very close to Texas. I also learned that in addition to the oil there is a lot of alternative wind energy happening in this part of the state. We saw the wind turbine blades on the wind turbines, on a train, and on trucks driving down the freeway. They are huge!

The best surprise of the trip was that I got to see Chihuly. I am a self proclaimed Chihuly groupie and have a goal to travel to different cities to see a Chihuly exhibit once a year. I love gardens and most of his exhibits are shown in gardens.

I didn't realize that there is one of the biggest collections of Chihuly at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. As I was boarding the plane to go to Oklahoma I told the lady in front of me that this was my first time to Oklahoma. In her list of things to do she mentioned Chihuly. When landed I told Allison I would really like to see Chihuly and she made it happen. I loved it! It is a very different experience to have the pieces inside instead of in a garden setting. Here is a small highlight. I will do an Art Talk: Chihuly at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art

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