Share my World: Highlights of a day in DC

In November I was able to spend time in New York City and DC.

I did a few posts on Brooklyn and the MET from New York. Now I want to do a couple of posts of DC.... one of my favorite cities! I lived there for 6 years and go back every year to visit.

On Monday, November, 11, 2019 Heather, Moana and I went into the city!

Supreme Court

Having lived there or gone back to visit every year for 18 years this first picture was a real highlight and the first time I had experienced protesters at the Supreme Court.

It was a cold, rainy Monday on November 11, 2019. The day before the Supreme Court was to hear arguments for the DACA case. DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

It was a moving scene to see people, both Dreamers and others sharing their voice.

I have worked in the education system for 17 years and have advised Dreamers and know about their struggle, anxiety, fight and dream to get a good education.

Library of Congress

Then we went to the Library of Congress, which is next to the Supreme Court and one of my favorite places in DC. The inside is breathtaking.

United States Botanic Garden

We also visited the United States Botanic Garden. If you have been following me you know how much I love gardens!

The fall colors were beautiful!

There was an exhibit called Plant-Based D.C. Landmarks. The capital is below.

Love my little Moana

There was a fun dinosaur exhibit in one of the sections of the garden. Moana had so much fun finding them in the plants.

It is so much fun to be around and photograph so many beautiful and interesting plants.

If you are in DC I highly suggest the Botanic Garden!

National Museum of the American Indian

I was living in DC when this museum opened in 2004. It has some great lines and textures.

My favorite was Moana asking me to take her pictures and posing like this!

National Gallery of Art

While we didn't go to the National Gallery of Art on Monday I did on Saturday It is one of my happy places so I am going to do a couple highlights and say that my next post will be and Art Talk of the National Gallery of Art.

As always, it was a wonderful time in DC!

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