Share My World: Drive through the Lake District, England

On our drive from Scotland to London we decided to drive down the western side of England through the famed Lake District.

My favorite was the Kirkstone Pass because of this view!

The pass is 1,489 feet (454 meters) up and was chilly in the May afternoon. We did stop and ate lunch at the picnic benches on the top and watched bicyclists ride up and take a break at the picnic benches across from the Kirkstone Inn. Amazing that they could ride up that steep road!

It was beautiful at the top looking out over the land.

The ascent

Here are some of the beautiful scene we saw as we drove through the Lake District National Park up to the Kirkstone pass.

Our first gimps of the water.

Beautiful scene with sheep grazing and a sailboat on the lake.

As we were approaching the pass we noticed sheep on the hillside. Including this little lamb that was on the street side of the rock wall.

The Kirkstone Pass Inn

The view from the top of the pass

The Descent

The beautiful views as we made our way south through the park.

You might recall my recent post Sibling Trip: Best of Animals in it I highlighted the awesome looking highland cattle.

Look at this one!

@jarvie both taking pictures and wanting to pet them.

We did have quite a discussion about whether or not they could see through all their hair.

It was a wonderful drive through the Lake District. I highly recommend it!

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