Share My World: Brooklyn Botanic Garden

At the beginning of November I was in Brooklyn for a work conference. While looking for places to stay in that area I found an Airbnb near the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Gardens are one of my happy places!

It was so fun to walk around the garden and see stunning views and the tiny details.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a gorgeous 52 acre garden founded in 1910 in the in Brooklyn, New York. 1
It was $15 on the first day and I found out that Friday mornings are free.

I would have to commute to the conference hotel and that was ok cause I was a 5 min walk to the garden and went two days in a row in the morning before the conference.

Being from Arizona I was super excited to see the fall colors on the east coast. They did not disappoint!

I had a great time walking trough the fallen leaves and hearing the crunching under my feet. The crunching of leaves and ice are two of my favorite sounds!

So I went back the next day to explore and sit amidst the beauty.

I spent the most time at the Japanese Hill and Pond Garden. It opened in 1915 and was designed by Japanese native Tekeo Shiota. This areas has a waterfall, pond, island, wooden bridges, a viewing pavilion and a Torii or gateway and a Shito Shrine. It comes together in a magical three acres within the garden. 1

The conservatory opens at 10 am. I wasn't able to see it this trip. I would like to go back when it is open. I saw really great bonsai tress in one part of it. I would also like to see the garden in other seasons. There is a cherry beautiful tree lined lane that I am sure is stunning in spring.

The trees

If you have been following me for some time you know I really like trees. Not too long ago I did a post called Lone Trees. I enjoy being around and taking pictures of trees!

The flowers.
Wow! Delilahs are gorgeous flowers with beautiful colors and soft lines and curves. I am memorized by them.

The berries.

I loved all the different color berries I found throughout the garden.

This was my tenth time to New York City and I am so happy to have found this treasure in Brooklyn.

1 Brooklyn Botanic Garden

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