WINNERS Shadow Photo Contest Round 11- Hat Shadows

A huge thanks to @luigi-the-gnome for being our guest judge this week! Luigi has chosen 10 winners, and all the photos were wonderful, so it was a hard choice!

A chef this is an unexpected hat, I love it;-)
@txatxy image

Cat with a hat gives a lovely shadow too ! @joseasotillo image

Alright, this one is a bit biased, but Merlin got a wonderful hat I envy him;-) @vee2180 image

I like the mise en scene for this stylished hat @otage image

So very cool shadow with a cap on a colored background ! @izaid image

love this young cowboy participating to his first hat shadow contest ….Yeee haaaa ! @moisdcs image

Very nice cap profile.@annycor image

hat on a chair blends nicely the hat shadow with the geometric patterns;-) @loresb

this hat seems to want to fly off the head of its owner @snooway image

I enjoy the distinct lines of this big sombrero shadow
@liltammy image


Thanks, Luigi and I hope you have a wonderful time next week on holiday! Follow @luigi-the-gnome to see his vacation photos!

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