WINNERS Shadow Photo Contest-round 38-Laundry Shadows

Shadow Photo Contest


Wonderful laundry shadows this week! Thanks for all the great entries . You guys are the best and everyone was a winner! I only wish I had more prize money to give out.

@rosargelisperez captured these laundry Shadows that dried quickly in the Venezuelan sunshine

@rossfletcher got a bit of a workout holding up this heavy leather jacket to create this great shadow! image

@shasta photographed her Alaska doggies hoodies while they were hung up to dry.

@bigsambucca almost got chased by an old woman with a broom when he tried to position her laundry rack so that it created a better shadow!

@tgkluwi got caught in the rain while he was at work out on the sea and had to hang his work clothes up to get them dry

@remyrequenart created this Keepsake photo of the clothes that she wore when she was a baby.

@denissemata used her uniform from culinary school to create these shadows.

@otage created this shadow with these really great socks! image

@hangin found this great laundry Shadow with a view! image

@noritza took this shadow photo after hanging the baby's clothes out to dry.

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