Shadow Photo Contest-Round 68- Colorful Shadows

Shadow Photo Contest

Round 67 - Leaf Shadows is now closed. Winners will be announced and payouts made within the next 24 hours. And with support from @curie prizes will be doubled!

Thank you to everyone who said such nice things about the Shadow Contest on the @curie application post! You guys are the best!

Round 68 begins now!

Colorful Shadows

This week's contest will pay out 20 Steem in prizes. I will still pay out 10 Steem in prizes, and @curie is matching that amount!


Sometimes colorful objects cast colorful shadows. Let's hunt for colors this week!

Remember to keep the main focus of your picture on the shadow! After all, this is a shadow contest

Here Are The Rules For The Contest.

The Prize will be 20 Steem, divided between no more, and possibly less than 10 winners, who will be chosen by me, or a judge selected by me.

  • One submission per person

  • Any upvotes and resteems are appreciated!

  • You can create a post using the tag shadowphoto but the photo or link MUST be posted in the comments here as well.

  • Feel free to use editing and effects to create a special look if you want. Phone photos are great!

  • The photo must be your original work. NEVER use photos that you find on the internet!

  • Submissions will no longer be accepted after the post has payed out in 7 days.

Thanks to @curie for the support!

2019 Winners

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2018 Shadow Contest Winners

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