Shadow of the Trees on the Road

clp55rjcl01n883sz78r84siq_received_353248977156420.webpMy Photo Entry

clp55rwzu00ba06sz8gq7dre7_received_356586776900840.webpsecond photo

clp55sbd300hq15szgrd43sld_received_714129660616857.webpCozy Environment

Hello shadow hunters community! I've been busy the past few days because the ceiling of the room was changed and the walls of the house were painted. So here I am tired for a few days. Next week only one room will be painted, take a break first hehe.

While busy with our chores, I watched Ms Universe 2023. The winning candidate was Ms. Nicaragua. Our candidate Ms. Philippines did her best but she only made it to the Top 10. I still salute her talent and beauty.

By the way, above are the photos that are my entry to SMASh Contest this week, round 296 initiated by @melinda010100. I took this photo when we went to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) Sta. Cruz, Laguna because Maoi has renewed his license. I already mentioned this in my previous post. It's really nice when there are a lot of trees because it's a cozy atmosphere. With so many trees, they only have a little shadow. It's really nice when you're in the province, the place isn't too crowded, it's peaceful.

Happy weekend everyone!

November 19, 2023
3:33 pm PST

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