SMASh Shadow Hunters Round 186: Dead Mouse and Little Sandpiper

The little dead mouse in the last photo is my entry to @melinda010100’s @shadowhunters contest. Check 👉 Here for more information.

A small Sandpiper on the dock by the Montague River. I couldn’t get any closer with my phone without scaring him away.


The little long-legged wading bird was Interesting to watch as he went from walking the docks at the harbour to the water near the shore looking for something to eat.


I know @annephilbrick is on holidays with the reflective contest and the Sandpiper gives two reflection at the same time in the shallow part of the river near the shore.


The little hunter almost became the hunted

There was a little drama as I watched a small green crab sneak up towards the bird as he was wading in the shallow water. I’m not sure what the crab had in mind but the sandpiper seemed to sense the crab and flew off before the outstretched claws could grab his legs. I think the crab could pinch his long legs but hopefully not do serious damage as this bird needs those long legs for wading.

I left the little sandpiper and started on the walking trail beside the river when I looked down to see a dead mouse and his little shadow. I can’t imagine what could have happened to kill him.


Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada

Camera: Moto e phone

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