My Entry For Shadow/SMASh Contest Round 298 " Iron S Shadow"

Hi everyone, how are you, are you still enthusiastic about hunting shadows? You have to be enthusiastic, right?

The past few days my area has been covered in dull weather, cloudy and even heavy rain, I wanted to hunt for amazing shadows, but the weather didn't support me.

until night came, after I put my children to sleep, I stepped into the next room, I hunted for shadows in the night, what did I find?

I found a piece of iron that was deliberately shaped to resemble the letter S, what exactly is the iron with the shape of the letter S for? This iron was made by my father-in-law to be able to hang my daughter's swing which was 4 years old at that time, and now my daughter is 5 years old and the S iron is still very sturdy in its own role.

When I finished using it, I hung it in this room, specifically on the curtain connector, tonight I also found a key hanging there, maybe this was my child's doing.

The S iron and key create a cool shade with a perfect worn look, I really like it, it looks unique and old so I edited it with a dark color.

Thank you for the contest @melinda010100, I hope my post looks interesting and unique in your eyes.

Warm greetings and love from me, see you soon...

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