Parasyte: The Maxim - “You sacrifice other lives so that your own life can continue. That is how animals live. Humans are one-of-a-kind creatures that commit suicide.”


This is another amazing anime series from Japan. It only has 1 season with 24 episodes, each one lasting around 20 minutes. The story is super original, it is about a guy in high school who one night while he was sleeping, some kind of worm managed to introduce itself into his body through his arm.

The worm starts to crawl from inside his arm towards his brain but he quickly stops it by applying pleasure in his upper arm and preventing it from continuing. This way, this strange worm got trapped in his arm. With nothing else to do, he goes back to sleep. The first surprise of this show happens the next day when this guy realizes he has a parasite controlling his hand!

However, this is a special type of parasite. It is very smart, like if it had a brain on its own, and it can change forms very rapidly. The hand might look normal and the next second it has a weird looking specimen with eyes, mouth, and even some type of organic knives and swords that it uses to defend itself. It is really bizarre.


As the season advances, we will naturally learn a lot about the nature of this parasite. There will be several interesting dialogues between the guy and the parasite throughout the entire season and the character development is almost perfect thanks to these dialogues.

The series is very bloody, a lot of people are butchered and there are some crude scenes as well. Regarding its genres, I would they are action and drama because there were some very touching moments. The animation is well-done and the plot is something so weird, original and ultimately, cool.

If you like animated series from Japan, this one should be one of the best ones. I enjoyed Attack on Titan more than this one, but Parasyte is well worth the watch.


The best

  • There is a lot of great dialogue, even a bit philosophical but not as deep as those that can be found in Ghost in the Shell. Plus, the dialogue is usually accompanied by this song which makes for a perfect combination. Very enjoyable!
  • Very original and entertaining plot.

The worst

  • The series doesn't explain the origins of the parasite's invasion.
  • The final episode has an unnecessary scene trying to add tension but I didn't see the point of it,

More information:
Review: AAA
In numbers: 8/10

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