Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 - One of the best animated action series I have ever seen


I started to watch this animated series around 2 years ago, I binge-watched the first 2 seasons and part 1 of season 3. For some reason, the creator released season 3 in 2 parts, and by the time the second part was released I had forgotten about the series.

That is until recently when I decided to check what happened with the remaining episodes. It turns out, these were released last year and I had totally missed them. So after a quick recap on Youtube about the story, I began to watch part 2 of season 3.

The story in this fictional universe is that humanity has been reduced to just a few villages. They all live inside massive walls that protect them again giants! These giants have almost extinguished the human race and they aren't going to stop until there is no human left. Except, things aren't really what they seem.


We have 3 main characters who are just kids at the beginning of season 1. We will see how they grow and how their youth is completely conditioned by the existence of this giant threat. Soon enough, they will become members of a sort of soldier that is able to fight with the giants. In the image above you can see them and their unique equipment.

The twists and turns in this plot are really crazy. There are enough surprises to leave every viewer with a puzzled look and what is probably the biggest mystery in the series is the actual origin of the giants. This mystery will take a lot of time to be answered but by the ending of season 3, we will already have a very good idea about everything that happened before the beginning of the series.

Another one of the big mysteries is why some giants are very dumb, acting like if they didn't have a brain, and others are very smart just like a human. The conflict is well developed and there is a good balance between drama, action, and mystery. It is a well-rounded show and one of the best animated Japanese series in my opinion.

If you enjoy Japanese animation, have the time to watch all the 3 seasons with the upcoming season 4, and your favorite genres are action and mystery, then giving this show a watch will probably be a good decision for you.


The best

  • Cool action with a lot of intense and exciting moments.
  • Excellent character development, but this isn't a surprise after 3 complete seasons.
  • Intricate story that gets complex, has twists, and provides answers progressively.

The worst

  • The characters commit silly mistakes when fighting giants which cannot be excused. In those circumstances securing a victory as fast as possible should always be the priority. This can be very frustrating at times.
  • Some episodes have many discussions and too little action. But when the Titans arrive, all hell will break loose.

More information:
Review: AAA
In numbers: 8.5/10

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