Difference between SEO and SEM

Getting a better ranking by search engine is very important for every website present on the search engine. There are two methods of getting clicks to your website. these are namely-

SEM Search Engine Marketing

SEO Search Engine Optimization.

The very basic difference between the both is the method by which they both try to gain attention and clicks from their users and search engines.

On one hand, SEO completely depends on optimization of your website page to attract the viewers on the other hand SEM uses paid methods to receive attention and clicks. However both gives satisfactory results at their time of use but it is always better to get paid for your work than to pay someone to appreciate your work.
They both have the same goal when they step in the market, that is to earn views. But the strategy they both use vary a lot.

What do you understand by search marketing?

When you as a viewer search for any topic on any search engine say Google. You have a lot of websites available to use in seconds. But, did you ever wonder how it is selected and on what basis they are ranked in that order? The answer is- the various website owner work hard on the factors that make up the ranking strategy of Google. These websites are then available to Google to rank in the appropriate order.

And similarly, they appear on that particular order when we make any search. The entire process of getting better on your website is know as search marketing.
Both the techniques are very well known and are used very widely. The choice and selection between what is better amongst the both is debatable. This factor can not be confirmed by any means.

What is SEO?

SEO is the technique by which any website would earn more organic traffic. This include the various tactics in which the website owner learns from their mistakes and get to know their website better through feedbacks. They also go through a lot of tools available to them on the internet free of cost that help them analyse their strategy and improvise the existing one. They can also learn from their competitors about how to behave with your website.

SEO includes the various strategies but most importantly it is divided in two categories namely-

On-page SEO

Off-page SEO

On-page is more about what we do to directly affect the web site's ranking and Off-page SEO include the tricks we use to increase more traffic to our sites by promoting our website on social media and various other platforms.

What is SEM?

Search Engine Marketing basically includes strategies that are money-related. For example- when the website owner pays to get featured on some popular platform to increase its view it can be called an effective use of SEM.

Also, when people pay some money to any famous website owner to feature their ads or google ads it is also a form of SEM and includes money-related transactions.

SEO Training, Digital Marketing Courses has listed few factors that play a major role in getting a better ranking by Google-

Keyword selection
Content originality
Image optimization
Page time optimization
Image alt text
Meta description
Title tags

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