Self-improvement: time and money management

I have nothing, in particular, to share about prices in my country, they are continuously becoming more insane each day.

My grocery list contains 65 items only, and we are 40 full. The next big shopping is the following weekend, so we are going to stash on missing items.

I recently used some discount coupons for ordinary food items that we usually buy and it turned out to be just fine.

Instead of peeling now I cook potatoes in a peel and remove it later. It leaves me with more potatoes, but those are homegrown. I am not sure if I am going to do the same in-store.

As we have a lot of daily activities, I am trying to follow my schedule which is sometimes impossible.
I still have to cook two meals per day which takes a lot of time, so I am doing it in one scoop during the morning.

I still spend the most time with the kid and it has been great.

My daily task list consists of 42 points, and it is constantly changing and improving.

We also have a new addition in our family, a miniature tortoise. I will write a bit about that too. Her needs are met and she is doing fine.

I mentioned the last week a car repair and buying a new microwave.

A car that drives at the moment needs a new part and upgrade costs are settled on $140, which is the cost of that new part. Another part, which is not essential, will come during the next month.

Instead of buying a new microwave we got one from the scraps which I dragged home today and will attempt to fix during this week.
Mine is very old, I doubt anything can be cross-used, but worth trying.

Last week we bought some fancy new dresses at a very low price, and five new pieces at the Sunday flee market.
We also got an electric power tool, a lamp that I changed into a tortoise heater, and one physics book for free.
I am extremely satisfied with the trade and how we managed our resources this week.

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