Veni Creator | Nicolas de Grigny | Hauptwerk Nancy

Today I was able to record the famous Veni Creator by Nicolas de Grigny using Hauptwerk Nancy sample set by Piotr Grabowski. This suite has 5 movements:

00:00 1. Veni Creator en taille à 5 (Plein jeu)
02:34 2. Fugue à 5
05:42 3. Duo
08:58 4. Récit de Cromorne
12:41 5. Dialogue sur les grands Jeux

By the way, I had to do it twice because Vidas forgot to turn off the microphone from one of the cameras and you could hear external noise. It was so frustrating that I didn't check the mic myself too. But in a way the first video served as a dress rehearsal for this one. Hope you will enjoy it!



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