May 17, 2021--Chorale Prelude on Mache dich, mein geist, bereit by Johann Gottfried Walther

Another gem of a chorale prelude today. This little prayer, a text quite a few composers set in the 18th century, worked wonderfully as a short prelude to the Ascension service this past weekend. It is two variations on the chorale. The first variation shifts the meter of the chorale into a dancelike triple meter. The chorale, with a subtle change in the first two pitches, is heard in the upper voice while the two lower voice, both played on the manuals, is in a two part counterpoint using different little motives to create the material. The second variation is a canon between the pedals and the soprano part. In the middle is a constant stream of sixteenth notes. In the first variation, I used a simple Principal 8', 4' registration. In the second variation, the canon between the pedals and the upper voice continued this registration (Sub-bass 16' and Great coupled to pedals) with a Gedekt 8' and Flute 2' in the middle part played on the Swell manual.