A Swan Family - SEAPHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST, WEEK106 - my entry


I nearly missed this week contest of SEA PHOTOGRAPHY hosted by @marc-allaria. This week the contest theme is: "SEA and ANIMALS. I had thought that I have nothing to participate but, looking through my archive, I found this picture taken by me last summer in the southern Estonia.


It was a nice sunset, colorful and quiet. I was sitting on a terrace of the hotel admiring the view. First, the sea was empty, very beautifully lit with combination of pink, purple and golden - from the cloudy sky to the sea surface, nice but empty.


I missed the moment when they appeared - a pair of swans. They were far from me, impossible to take a better photo. I took only this one and went downstairs and out of the hotel trying to approach them but... when I left the hotel, the swans disappeared!



Luckily, I made this shoot which reminds me the beauty of that evening.

This is my entry to @marc-allaria's the SEA PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST, WEEK106.

If you like the sea and like taking pictures of it, then this contest is for you. Just follow the link:

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