Listening to the Crashing Waves.

Do you ever get those times when you just need some space to unravel your mind to remap and navigate it to a less crowded environment well that's what , i did with myself today with so much going on in this world today it is really getting hard to keep up with all these so called governments , political power heads with lockdowns , confinements , second waves it's all becoming one big joke and i am sure many people can relate to this so today , i just wanted to shut myself off from all the bullshit , so this afternoon i grab my smartphone and a couple of beers and took myself down to the beach and sat on the rocky coastline of Byron Bay beach to listen to the power of the crashing waves and it was all i wanted to listen to.




It was a beautiful sunny afternoon the waves were making a peaceful roaring sound as they came in crashing on the rocks and the sunlight just looked magical shining across the ocean , i was feeling calm just listening to the sound of the ocean and been able to live another day to see all this beauty of nature around me and it just gave me more positive stamina to push on no matter what. Stay strong people if you need any reinsurance just go and listen to the power of the water it will certainly give you a kick start again 😇





#seaphotography by @marc-allaria