Explore Leyte Series #01: Sun and Sand @ Digyo, Inopacan, Leyte

It's our tradition here in the Philippines to celebrate feast honoring to our patron saint. Feast celebration is our way of giving thanks to all the graces we received.

Family members will return back home just to attend the celebration. After the feast celebration, families will also take this time as an opportunity to travel together.

This is my story in Summer of 2016.



The day after the feast celebration the whole family decided to go to the scenic Digyo Island or known as Digju Island before. The island is under the jurisdiction of the Municipality of Inopacan, Leyte. It is not huge so we can explore the whole island in just less than 2 hours or it depends on your pace. Before we can set off, we need to settle first the payment for boat and entrance fee in the passenger terminal. It takes 45 minutes of traveling going to the island. The island has no hotels or apartments to offer so if you have plan to sleep over just bring your tent and other stuffs. The island has only few inhabitants, like it is inhabited of less than 5 families.


Approaching in the Island

As we approached the island, our mood was completely changed as we had already seen the long sandbar and we had noticed that there were group of people enjoying under the sunlight.



The beauty of the island welcomed us. The shoreline is wide and it has powdery white sand. We are so grateful because the island that time was not crowded meaning less photo bomber going around. The sand bar is long and you can spread your wings to make many poses as you can. Jump if you want, run if you want, it's all up to you because after all it's your happiness that matters.




Since it was summer, of course the sun was shining brightly. My tolerance of afternoon sunlight is not that much so I brought with me our well-designed umbrella. Bringing umbrella while beaching is not that bad idea right?


As you can see there are 2 scenic islands behind me. That is himokilan and mahaba islands. That islands have also powdery white sands and crystal clear water.



I really had fun. Doing anything that no one will interrupt you, that no one will criticize you gives you a great feeling right? Giving yourself a break from nuissance means self-love.



I always value my inner peace and travelling always help me to escape from people who will keep ruining of it. I do love myself and creating my own happiness is now my top priority in life.

Hope you enjoy reading and see you in my next blog. Cheers!



Namaste! I am 50% introvert and 50% extrovert, fond of reading books, watching korean, american and filipino series/movies and I am also fond of gardening. I love listening to different life stories and I am always captivated with the beauty of nature so travel is my escape when life turns into blue. But hey, how could I forget my photography hobby? It is one of the best, so follow me as I will be featuring my experiences of the stuff that I am passionate with.

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