Making sure we are on the right track | Progress Report.

Hello Hive Community, are you ready to soak in another progress report about this filmmaking project?

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The filmmaking4hive project that started a few months ago has been showing positive results. The response from the community has been overwhelming and we've been getting different ideas from notable members of the blockchain especially those that were part of Steem, the legacy chain.

So far, we've been able to have a detailed interview with @lukestokes, @theycallmedan, @blocktrades, @aggroed, @eddiespino, @bluefinstudios, @arcange, @traciyork, @starkerz, @shadowspub, @andrarchy, @hivetrending, @ericwilson, @themarkymark, @jeffjagoe, @ganjafarmer, @ausbitbank, @guiltyparties... and more. Some of the members interviewed have even been back for a second interview.

Interestingly, every one of them had big stories to tell that have inspired this script based on the events of the Hive Fork and Steemit Takeover. You can only imagine how big of a story this movie will be. The world is about to be captivated by this and every part of what we are doing starts with the Hive community as a whole. Feel free to join us on this journey.

Each person who came to us for the interviews were able to give the team so many rich perspectives to tell this story from, after the rounds of interviews, the team came away with a clear idea and vision for the script. Big thank you to everyone who helped make it happen.

About the first draft of the script

We are pleased to announce that the first draft of the script is well underway, all thanks to the dedication and unwavering effort of @killerwot and @thedeltron. Currently it is sitting at just over the halfway mark. The team has decided that the important thing to do is get the first draft finished before making too many changes to what is currently written.

To ensure that we are on the right track and to fact-check some elements of this story, the script will be released to some community members and their review of the script will be highly valued and taken into consideration in order to straighten out the first draft and forge ahead with the project. Initially we are looking for 5 key community members to have a read and we will be choosing from those who we have already interviewed. We will be messaging you all individually soon but if you really want to be in the mix drop @thedeltron a message on discord.

All the reviews will be published on this page to keep the community informed and to keep the fun alive.

You surely wouldn't want to miss any of the teasers, right? We have a way to make sure you catch up on all the updates!

Upon request in the comment section of this post, we will gladly mention you in our subsequent publications. Think of it as a mailing list. These posts will be coming out once a week so it’ll be a good way of staying updated on everything we are doing here at filmmaking4hive.

Yeahhhh!!! This will be so fun.

Ending Note:

Filmmaking4hive is a team that is developing a feature-length film based on the events that transpired with Steemit Take over and the Hive Fork while showcasing the power of Web3. Please check out our blogpage for more details!

Feel free to JOIN our Discord channel. That is where you can join our AMA section and have another timely discussion with the team in real time.

Huge thanks to @kenechukwu97 for his role in helping us keep the community informed about the progress of this project. Please check out his page and consider giving him a follow!
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