There is no such thing as gravitation

The main role of dark matter, Ludwig points out in the paper, has historically been to resolve the disparity between astrophysical observations and current theories of gravity.


but don't worry: now it's: gravitomagnetism

wow, they are truly early, lol

It was so clear since Tesla, the first Aetherist.

Dark Matter just makes no sense. Where shall all that "dark matter" be?
It's against every natural law cuz the very definition of a natural law is that it counts/ works everywhere.

"But dark matter is special and cuz it's so special you can't measure it by definition and don't even need to try! ;)"

kinda reminds me of the "unconscious" in psychology, which is "unconscious" and not "conscious" and therefore "can't be measured by urself" yada yada "objective victim attitude"

But why do I even rant?
Modern science can't even explain electricity (they can describe it but that's not the same)
they can't explain a field nor even describe it. lol

Have a nice day friends


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