Useless information #38 - TIL International Space Station is really fast!

I'm not a science geek but I'm a fairly informed boy.
I work in landscape ecology and geographic information systems but as you may have noticed I'm a big fan of physics and space exploration.


TIL the ISS is really fast! I know a few things about it but I'm not an expert. A few minutes ago a cousin of mine asked me about the orbit, altitude, how often does it orbit the earth... etc.
I was able to answer to exactly... ZERO questions.

Obviously, I ran to the laptop to look for answers.

In case you're a scientist and a cousin of yours asks you about the ISS:

  • ISS altitude: between 330 and 435 km
  • speed: 28.800 km/h
  • number of orbits a day: 15,54.

Track ISS here

See you tomorrow for more "Useless information"

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