Secret Patents Reveal Future Plots

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No Weak Sauce Here.

Mama Potato, in Physicist 340, the second video you posted, that female doctor scientist, Dr. Claudia Albers PhD, of Planet X News, mentioned some patents from around 1978. She said if they were working on certain things, then they must have perfected those things by now. That shocked me a little but in a good way. Because that is a clue. The sun is dimming.

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People like her can look at patents.

People like Alex Jones can read white papers, textbooks, etc, to figure out what globalists are trying to do. That is good because it helps us pass the information to other people.

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Maybe some people can come up to other people to say, “Hey, did you see this patent from 1978? That was a long time ago. I wonder what they are doing now?”

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