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Duct-Tape Cells?

Who is the James Bond of biological regeneration? What works together with collagen to literally tell other cells in your human body what to do, who to be, how to identify, how to act, in order to add microscopic backbone like steel pillar structures found in Donald Trump Buildings, Skyscrapers, USA Walls, Skyscrapers? The answer, as seen in Wikipedia, is and are the Laminins, which are extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins. In related news, an amazing thing related to ECM is a process called Angiogenesis which is the process of making, forming, new blood vessels from pre-existing vessels. Elastins, in contrast with collagen, gives elasticity to tissues, allowing them to stretch and return, which is critical for the lungs, the skin, the eyes, the heart, the stomach. Laminin is found in the basal lamina, and it is found inside the basement membrane. Laminins are cross shaped proteins that look like zippers, ironically, as they really do zip things up. If you don't like it, you can zip it. If Laminin was James Bond, then Laminin would know your zip code. Just zip right to it. If your Laminin is messed up, then you may end up retarded in your muscles for example, as in muscular dystropy, kidney filtering defect, and skin blistering disease. They've identified 15 types of Laminin trimmers and they form independent networks similar or associated with type IV Collagen via Entactin, Fibronectin, and Perlecan. Laminins bind to cell membranes through integrin receptors and other plasma membrane molecules, such as the dystroglycan glycoprotein complex and Lutheran blood group glycoprotein. Laminins help repair many cells, many things, all over the body. Laminins help in telling many cells all over the body what to do, how to form.

Laminin Cells & Crux Stars Explained

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Laminins are like the DNA enforcers.

The DNA is the blueprint and the Laminins are the architects. Laminins are secreted out of the Schwann Cells. Laminins have a relation to stem cell things. We talked about Laminin Wednesday night at our second Bible study at 6 PM at our church. We watched the How Great Is Our God DVD of Louie Giglio who talked about it. Laminin reminds me of Romans 8:28. We talked about Psalms and how to be righteous. We can only be righteous though the Cross. Laminins look like little cross cells. They zip things up. Bruce Willis movies are awesome. We have to Die Hard with the Laminins. We can laminate the Laminins to our souls. With Original Oatmeal in my bowl, is Jesus in your soul? When we look into the sky, we see constellations that look like the cross. So, when we look within, we see the cross. When we look without, into the stars, the universe, into the Star Trek Wars Galaxies all around us, we SEE the cross. We see it all over in every book in the Bible and we find it buried in the ground. We find it through the course of world history. The Crux is a constellation located in the southern sky. Crux is Latin for Cross. The Crux looks like Laminin. Ask a Flat Earther, "If the Earth is Flat, then why can't everybody see the Crux? Why can you only see in the southern skies?"

Studying Science

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