Bombs vs Climate Change

We can compare global warming with Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). We can ponder which may or may not be worse. Imagine dropping a Hydrogen Bomb into the Marianas Trench, thee deepest depths of our oceans, East of the Philippines, what would happen?

Some suggest that dropping the worse bomb known to man into the ocean would produce global earthquakes, tidal waves, tornadoes, and a gas cloud that blankets the earth. According to this video, that would probably not happen, especially since the earth has not alter its orbit in the past century in the mist of dozens bomb testings during the 20th century alone, meaning that the worse that humans do has not affect our weather, orbit, climate change, global warming, beyond a small fraction of one percent when compared to how much influence the sun has on the earth.

Bombs vs Climate Change

By Joey Arnold

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The video was inspired by this one thing here.

Published in July of 2018

2018-07-22 Sunday 07:43 AM LMS | Bombs vs Climate Change
Published at 07:57 AM

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