Homeschooling Gets Boost From Pandemic

There are many parents who are no doubt happy to see their kids returning to school because the entire experience of homeschooling was a complete nightmare. It isn't for everyone. Many would rather outsource that job to someone else more qualified or just someone who has more interest and time available for doing it in the first place.

However, for some it was a new experience to get a taste of homeschooling. And there are some families that liked it and likely found the homeschooling experience is the sort of approach to education that can help individuals and the family unit to thrive according to their own needs and goals.

an alternative approach to education

Some families need more flexibility and freedom for their education, and for some parents they simply don't want to see their child ignored or end up as an overlooked statistic. They might have concerns for bullying or what their child could be exposed to, maybe the child has a serious health problem that prompts them to want that home learning? A homeschooling approach can afford the family to design something that works for them, not against them and their time and resources.

Again, it isn't for everyone that much is clear. But unfortunately it is still an approach to education today that has a lot of negative stigma surrounding it, despite all of the success it has shown over the years.

not everyone is going back

It isn't impossible for homeschooled children to receive a good education or to become properly 'socialized', as these are frequent criticisms of this educational path. Those are ignorant criticisms of homeschooling and not much more than that as there are thousands of homeschooled children out there who can prove those assumptions wrong.

Despite many children not having the option to go back to their school plans as usual, for some families they've had enough and looks like a few are going to be sticking with those homeschool arrangements.

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