The Starlight Spectre Novella: Index & Token Giveaway Info


📅 Index and Release Schedule

As parts become available, I will link them in the table below. You can also navigate the story from the story posts themselves. More info about Starlight Spectre and its associated giveaways are below this table.

PartEst. Release Date (2022)
Part 1: No GhostsMon, April 4 ✔️
Part 2: Crisped Out WreckWed, April 6 ✔️
Part 3: People Need StoriesFri, April 8 ✔️
Part 4: One Hundred and Three YearsMon, April 11 ✔️
Part 5: The DareWed, April 13 ✔️
Part 6: Pay AttentionFri, April 15 ✔️
Part 7: Always on TimeMon, April 18 ✔️
Part 8: Draining AwayWed, April 20 ✔️
Part 9: Tired EulogiesFri, April 22 ✔️
Part 10: GoodnightMon, April 25 ✔️
Part 11: Burned, Burned, BurnedWed, April 27 ✔️
Part 12: You Scream Until the EndFri, April 29 ✔️
Part 13: No StoppingMon, May 2 ✔️
Part 14: TimekeeperWed, May 4 ✔️
Part 15: He Didn't StayFri, May 6 ✔️
Part 16: The Gleaming TracksMon, May 9 ✔️
Part 17: How Strange the World Could BeWed, May 11 ✔️

The complete story is also available as an NFT on Polygon. Includes a built-in PDF Reader.

📗 Reg. Edition • 🌟 Collector's Edition


👻 About Starlight Spectre

I wrote Starlight Spectre back in 2016, but had never found a good home for it. Then the Scholar and Scribe writing community came along. 😄

To promote the story and the S&S community, I'll run generous, weekly, story-themed giveaways for popular Hive Engine tokens such as PIZZA, DEC, and STARBITS. There will also be a grand prize event to celebrate the conclusion of the story!

📖 Story synopsis

A local librarian and his spunky summer fling decide to investigate the origins of a campfire spook story: the mystery of a proud steam engine whose passengers burned alive over a century ago.

But they find that the abandoned tracks aren't as sleepy as they're supposed to be. As a smoky shadow begins to rise, strange obsessions and fragments of the past begin to seep into their lives. Unravelling the fate of the old train is either a ticket to damnation, or the key to escaping it.

ğŸŽ Giveaways info

  • Starlight Spectre giveaways will run weekly, as separate posts

  • There will be 6 in total: 5 regular ones and 1 grand prize(s) giveaway

  • Giveaways will be hosted in various communities for greater exposure

  • Entry mechanism: leave a comment that quotes a line from any part in the Starlight Spectre story (not here! In the giveaway posts!)

    • All entries will be counted in the grand prize draw, so enter early and often :)
    • Bonus: subscribe to Scholar and Scribe for special prize eligibility 😮
  • Prizes will reflect the host community

  • Prizes for regular giveaways will be in the neighbourhood of:

    • 🔹 2,250 DEC (split between 5 winners per giveaway), OR
    • ⭐ 20,000 STARBITS (split between 5 winners per giveaway), OR
    • 🍕 175 PIZZA (split between 5 winners per giveaway)
    • 💰 SBI sponsorships as bonus prizes for Scholar and Scribe subscribers
    • The grand prize(s) will be at least twice this size! 🤩

  • Winners will be announced in the giveaway posts themselves (i.e. winners of #1 will be announced in #2, etc.)

Giveaway schedule and status

Giveaway postsEst. Start DateStatus
Giveaway #1Sun, April 10Finished ✅
Giveaway #2Sun, April 17Finished ✅
Giveaway #3Sun, April 24Finished ✅
Giveaway #4Sun, May 1Finished ✅
Giveaway #5Sun, May 8Finished ✅
Grand Prize GiveawayFri, May 13Finished ✅
Grand Prize WinnersSat, May 21Finished ✅


📜 ✒️ About the Scholar and Scribe Community

Scholar and Scribe is a new creative writing community founded in the forges of Hive's passionate Pizza Guild. It sets itself part from some of the other writing groups on Hive with its unique dual-token system.

SCRIBE tokens favour authors, with a 2 week payout and 80/20 split. SCHOLAR tokens favour readers, with a 1 week payout and a 30/70 split.

[ Quick token guide • S&S 'Whitepaper' ]

I wanted to give my fiction a home on S&S for a few reasons:

  • Its founding community (the Pizza Guild) is awesome
  • The S+S vision extends well beyond a pair of tokens
  • I think Web3 publishing is an exciting place to be!

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions about the story, the giveaways, Scholar and Scribe, or anything else feel free to ask! I own the license to all images in this post.

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