The Childseeker's War NFT Bookmark project πŸ”–


The quest for useful NFTs

Much of the stigma around NFTs is warranted, I think. There are many scammy and sketchy "projects" out there that want nothing but to capitalize off hype.

I knew that if I was going to make any of these things and tell people to check them out, they'd need to at least try to have some purpose. And they need to look half-decent!

πŸ”– Enter the NFT Bookmark

They are basically nothing but very fancy hyperlinks. However, each one will commemorate the release of a full chapter from my Scholar & Scribe serialized novel, The Childseeker's War.

NFT Bookmark Properties

  • πŸ”— They link to a Hive post, which will hopefully bring more people to our little corner of web3. These links are just normal text that will appear below the art.
  • πŸ’Έ The Regular Editions are free to collect. They can be resold, and I would get a commission off of that.
  • πŸ† I am releasing shiny Collector's Editions that can be purchased via credit card for $2–$20 USD! (Price will be an experiment heh)
  • 🀞🏼 I do aim to bring further utility for collectors, like access to future worldbuilding projects, special content, etc. This ability will depend partly on my capacity to use web3 tools and the minter's future features. I basically just need an easy, non-technical way to see who holds my NFTs and be able to act on thatβ€”easier said than done!
  • ❗ Note: these are ERC-721 NFTs on Polygon. Wen HIVE NFTs? As soon as I figure out how to navigate TribalDex's NFT contract, I do plan on minting second editions for Hive.


✨ How to get them

The 1st Editions are minted with and initially collected on a custodial wallet that creates for its users. You need to be subscribed to my feed (with an email) to collect them. After you collect them, you can send them to any ERC-20 wallet (e.g. if you want to get them onto your Opensea profile).


πŸ“… Release schedule

Whenever a chapter's final part is posted on Hive, soon after I'll release its corresponding Regular Edition NFT Bookmark on Cent. All subscribers will get an email and a chance to collect it for free.

I've not yet determined if I'll put a print limit on them. My plan is always to offer at least as many as I have subscribers on Cent.

At the time of writing, I've already posted up three full chapters, so the first three will come out in fairly quick succession until I catch up to the serialization.


🎨 How they're made

I use a combination of the editing tools GIMP and Canva for most of the design. The 'bloodlight pyre' artwork was originally illustrated by my good friend jmz_creative.

The 'hero' art at the top of each NFT Bookmark was developed with the help of the AI art generator Dream by Wombo. I sketch a significant object from the chapter, add word prompts to the generator, pick a skin, and shuffle the generative art until I arrive at something that I like.


Thank you for checking out this project. If I missed anything important or if things change I'll update this post (as each NFT will also link here!). I own the license for all images in this post. Cheers and happy reading!

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