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As parts become available, I will link them in the table below. You can also navigate the story from the story posts themselves. The releases will not follow a strict schedule, but I'll aim to publish between three to five parts a week (check out the 'roadmap' here).

The story is told over several Episodes made up of relatively short parts (500 to 1,200 words). More info about Hunting Midnight and its associated giveaways are below this table.

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EpisodeParts🔖 NFTs
Episode 1: The Ghost in the ClockWifi • Explosion • BookView
Review & Readlist challenge #1Breakfast • Date • LamppostView
Taxi • Networks • OfficeView
Halls • Five • PersimmonView
Minutes • Seconds • ParksView
Stages • Blankets • SplitView
Keys • Shroud • BedView
Cop • Hut • GrandstandsView
Feelings • LatchView
Episode 2: Girl of GoldSanity • Parlor • RingView
Castle • Sconces • MinderView
Field • Jailer • WeaponsView
Stairwell • Knights • KeeperView
Coins • Cells • GoldView
Episode 3: The Trouble with VinesMonitor • Hunch • SuperimpositionView
Diner • Shoots • DefensesView
Vision • Alley • RunesView
Jimena • Flower • BrainView
Dream • Roman • VoidView
Shotgun • Crab • FarmhouseView
Battlecharge • Trade • MothsView
Episode 4: All Squares are DiamondsVersion • Jeans • WarView
Security • Spines • HyperspaceView
Lessons • Diamonds • SquaresView
Indelible • Note • RangeView
Hotspot • Facesucker • ChemistryView
Episode 5: An Alliance of QueensDestruction • Laughter • DinnerView
Lab • Friar • TurnsView
Revenant • Hurry • SinkView
Penthouse • Egress • WingsView
Wolf • Shards • SoundsView
Merlon • Veilbound • SpoonView
Queens • Maw • WaterfallView
Illusion • Terradyne • MayflowerCollect!
Episode 6: The Lobster ManifestoVariables • Zoo • Trickle
Raiders • Distractions • Cargo
Persuasive• Audience • Help
Linger • Solitude • Tent
Earlier • Trouble • Cream
Autocannibalism • Efficiency • Spermless
Offer • Muffins • Manifesto
Contract • Vandalism • Hijacked
Anchor • Clip
Episode 7: Summit of the ManyrealmsComing in 2024



Alena moved to a small town to start a restaurant, not to tangle with a demon. But when the monster messes with her wifi, ruins her roommate's date, and threatens to commit mass murder, she's forced to put her plans on hold.

Impossible phenomena and a chaotic stalker lead her to a grandfather clock with backward numbers. The ghost inside believes she's there to help it escape, and offers to show her the world through its eyes. With one fateful glimpse, Alena ignites a journey that becomes much more than a trade of sanity for safety, and enters a long entrenched battle for the sovereignty of the soul.

The Ghost in the Clock is the inaugural episode of Hunting Midnight, a paranormal adventure series that shatters genre expectations by delivering as much charm as it does creepshow, as many smiles as it does spooks, and an unforgettably unique cast of villains and heroes.

Contains strong language, sexual themes and scenes of violence.



🎁 Giveaways 🎁

  • The Hunting Midnight giveaways will run more or less weekly, as separate posts
  • If publishing goes to plan, this will span almost all of 2023 (or more!) It’s a big story 😅
  • Giveaways will be hosted in various communities for greater exposure
  • Entry mechanism: leave a comment that quotes a line from any part in the The Hunting Midnight story (not here! In the giveaway posts!)
  • Each giveaway will feature:
    • 🎁 Standard prizes for up to 10 winners
    • 🎡 Spins on a bonus prize wheel for meeting certain conditions, such as being a member of Scholar and Scribe
  • Prizes will reflect the host community (e.g. DEC in Splinterlands, STARBITS in Rising Star). Check out one of the giveaways for my last publication, The Childseeker’s War to get a sense of how they work.
  • Winners will be announced in the giveaway posts themselves (i.e. winners of #1 will be announced in #2, etc.)

Estimated giveaway schedule and status

Giveaway postsMain PrizeEst. Start DateStatus
Giveaway #1STARBITSSun Dec 4✅ Finished
Giveaway #2WOOMon Dec 12✅ Finished
Giveaway #3INKMon Dec 19✅ Finished
Giveaway #4SPSMon Jan 2✅ Finished
Giveaway #5PIZZAMon Jan 9✅ Finished
Giveaway #6STARBITSTue Jan 17✅ Finished
Giveaway #7HIVE & SBIWed Jan 25✅ Finished
Giveaway #8SLOTHBUZZMon Feb 6✅ Finished
Giveaway #9STARBITSMon Feb 13✅ Finished
Giveaway #10WOOTues Feb 21✅ Finished
Giveaway #11LEOTues Feb 28✅ Finished
Giveaway #12DREEMTue Mar 13✅ Finished
Giveaway #13SPSThu Mar 23✅ Finished
Giveaway #14PIZZAMon Apr 3✅ Finished!
Giveaway #15INKTues Apr 11✅ Finished!
Giveaway #16WOOTues Apr 18✅ Finished!
Giveaway #17LEO & HSBITBD✅ Finished!
Giveaway #18STARBITSSun, May 28✅ Finished!
Giveaway #19SCRAPMon, Jun 5✅ Finished!
Giveaway #20PARTThu, Jun 15🤩 Underway!
[Giveaway #21]TBDtbd⚠️ On hold.
[Giveaway #22]TBDtbd⏳ Not yet started.
[Giveaway #23]TBDtbd⏳ Not yet started.

More rows will be added as we go!



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