2022 Charity Calendars

I love landscape photography - not just the images, but just the getting out into nature and finding ways to present the beauty you see. It's also a great way to reset mentally, and the exercise is a health benefit too!

01Winter Gate - © Kieran Metcalfe Bdr.jpg

In my position though, the health side weighs heavy at times. I have a rare auto-immune liver disease called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis. It's incurable - it can even come back after a liver transplant - and leaves sufferers at a higher risk of some aggressive cancers.

02 - © Kieran Metcalfe Bdr.jpg

It can be a lot, some days... but thankfully, we have an awesome charity in our corner - PSC Support (http://pscsupport.org.uk) - who not only provide wonderful support and information but are also championing vital research.

03Windgather Gold - © Kieran Metcalfe Bdr.jpg

Thankfully, at present, my condition is well managed and there's very little impact on my day-to-day life. I'm able to get up out to watch the sunrise, and hike a reasonable distance with a heavy bag of lenses!

04Whinstone Lee Tor - © Kieran Metcalfe Bdr.jpg

So, for the past few years, I've produced a calendar with 100% of the profits going straight to the charity.

05Clough on Kinder - © Kieran Metcalfe Bdr.jpg

It's my way of giving something back to PSC Support for all the amazing work that they do.

06BUrbage  - © Kieran Metcalfe Bdr.jpg

All the images in this post are in this year's calendar, and it's available for pre-order from http://kieranmetcalfephotography.co.uk/calendar

07Path to Mam Tor - © Kieran Metcalfe Bdr.jpg

There's two formats available - A3 (for £13.99) and A4 (for £7.99). Both contain the same images - smaller size is more compact, but the larger one is designed to show off the images better.

08Ramshaw - © Kieran Metcalfe Bdr.jpg

I also have a few offers if you'd like to buy more than one - they're ideal for gifts or secret-santa at work... the details are on my website (http://kieranmetcalfephotography.co.uk/calendar)

09Peters Stone Milky Way - © Kieran Metcalfe Bdr.jpg

I realise that not everyone here is from the UK, so shipping may be expensive, but equally, I'm hoping to raise as much as possible so I thought I'd try to get the word out.

10Beams and Boughs - © Kieran Metcalfe Bdr.jpg

Also, and this is short notice - sorry... until the end of September, each calendar ordered earns an entry into a prize draw for a free A3 print. (UK orders only)

11Pirouette - © Kieran Metcalfe Bdr.jpg

It's not just limited to the images in the calendars though - the winner can pick any print from my website at https://kieranmetcalfephotography.co.uk/prints

12Beech in Winter Light - © Kieran Metcalfe Bdr.jpg

I hope you enjoyed scrolling through this collection of images, and if you would like see more, or order a calendar - or two? ;) - the website address again is https://kieranmetcalfephotography.co.uk

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