BEWARE!: @roger.remix might be a scammer !

there's a "guy" on chain whose account makes strange interactions/transactions without really being an integral part of Hive's circle jerk - while acting like a jackass dickhead in the real world. that's dubious! (and at least worth mentioning from my side and having an eye on it from your end) ; so better be aware ! !

if you see something suspicious please report it to your local authorities &/ on-chain gov leadership.

fyi: as of now the @real.roger.remix is still in charge of the @roger.remix account. but the keys have been visually monitored and eventually duplicated. fortunately the ones who are having an eye on it know that every trace can be tracked on chain. so they haven't really done a thing - apart from making "me" (whoever that is) posting this shady statement. make whatcha want of it. I've received intel that some were trying to mint tokens or rather flooding some markets with coins to find out how it works & if they're able to move them from Hive's 2nd layer - Hive-Engine in specific.

I'd like to encourage you to #dyor & considering to stop engaging in market making or hodling several coins where @imagenius & @imagenius.dac or its previous "leader" who's still in control of the keys are heavily involved in. see it as a caution warning with moderate risk. but the effects on H-E & Hive in total can be devastating for the chain's & community's success - depending on how the scenario evolves.

A decent warning goes out to all the $WINE & $WINEX stakers/holders since keys have been at least mirrored and can't be changed from either side without being observed/traced by the other. call that a good sign. nevertheless the markets went below the soft-pegged projected (initial) price of 0.27 (SWAP.)HIVE - mostly due to inactivity of the main market maker (@roger.remix himself & the disabled AMM account @marketroll who is now mostly inactive or rather manually managed if so); but also due to smaller selloffs & bigger redistribution towards the pools to at least closely maintain a 1:1 peg between WINE & WINEX to test FOREX & cross-chain trading/liquidity scenarios. at least that seemed to have worked out quite well without any "artificial" push or further interaction by the accounts who are mostly in charge of maintaining a stable WINE/X price (@wine-cellar) & trying to keep the soft-peg tight.
by considering the fact that HIVE went up by 400 - 750% (max. up to 34x+) a 50% decrease is still quite okay; especially when comparing it to basically every other coin on the secondary markets & factoring in that we needed to fork the coin & roughly double the initial circulating supply - but all that doesn't matter if most of the other goals weren't hit due to @roger.remix personal struggles. sorry for that once again. better times are ahead of us! :))

[the best strategy might be (from my biased POV) to just add liquidity to the pool & earn an APR somewhere above 120-150% - which is higher than the recent active APY through staking WINEX & using it for active voting/tipping. like that the prices don't matter - which counts for every good utility token. The projects will continue to run small scale, but @roger.remix is pro-actively seeking for guidance & support in how to secure users stakes, account keys and finding ways to build a legal framework based on the best laws & legislations applicable for NFT backed projects in the real world.]

to the devs & tech-averse peeps: you may want to consider running an alternative version of the chain - a kind of "Hive Classic" scenario like what happened with Eth - with the difference of not being an own stand-alone chain, but more of a "simultaneous clone-fork". if someone is able to do it without big effort it might be worth doing so - at least for observation & chain investigation. in one way or the other the account's holder/creator is on spot of local/national & international authorities who try to get a better understanding of the "shady side of crypto" (which isn't as shady as we know, but appears pretty scammy by looking at it from the outside without understanding the underlying fundamentals).

hereby I, @roger.remix, inform you that I continue to unstake certain 2nd layer tokens & sell them in tranches to the market while moving the accumulated HIVE to the exchanges to get liquidity outside the main chain (which as of now is mostly being used to exchange it to fiat to cover my/his basic needs since my/his rep got (once again) demolished so that I/he struggle/s getting a foot on the ground in the "real world" - not to say into the Babylonian system which tries to somehow getting him back by squezzing him out & pushing him over the edge. so far it didn't work.. and in the end they won't succeed. nevertheless I find it worth mentioning.

sorry for the quantic-cryptic message, but the ones who are able to read between the lines know what to do with it. personally I'd like to see fruitful conversations about account & key ownership and how it's possible to reduce risks of hacks, rep attacks, account alterations, hostile takeovers and the like. but tbh I don't how I/he can be a part of it without calling the watchdogs on the plan. imo these (long overdue) discussions might be something for the Hive Dev Core team & the communities who make the most decentralised self-governed social network in existence (at least as far as I know). nontheless it appears that we shrunk immensly in total numbers when it comes to real DAU (not factoring in the flourishing games & dapps built on top) while still diversifying more & more towards one of the fairest distributed Blockchain projects in the whole space when it comes to token stakes & liquid coin distribution.

sorry for this being my (delayed) "introduction" post to Hive. I thought it would be a very different - more uplifting one - like the announcement of the "Proof of Trust" network as a "proof of concept" or the long awaited release of the !wine paper v1.0 ; but the 1st might never happen while the ledder already got delayed by about a year due to "external circumstances".
but hey, WINE is still the best & most reliable comment engagement token on chain when it comes to speed & high reward distribution - thanks to the amazing & ongoing work of the man behind the @hiveupme project; which I hereby want to thank once again, but also want to distance myself from to underline that he & the rest of the team has nothing to do with Roger's personal stories & struggles (most of which have been construed & twisted by 2nd or 3rd parties who have a high interest in attacking/harming him on a personal level up to a degradation of personal rep & social standing).

take all of this with a grain of salt & a glass of !wine ;)

#timeisnow #liveonhive #hiveisalive

Peace out. Roger dat

c ya in the light !

#nofinancialadvice #talkingtruth #livinghive #postinglive

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