The March 2021 SBI giveaway contest

I made a post in my #noloafingmoney series about wanting some stability in my hive life and the way I'm going to get there is to invest in SBI units every month.

As part of that I convert all my HBD at the start of every month into HIVE and then use that to run this contest.

This month I have 17 HIVE to reward!!

The award distribution will be:

  • 10 SBI for the comment with the most votes
  • 7 SBI for number 2

Contest Rules

  1. To enter, comment below what type of content you want to see more of on the blockchain.
  2. If there is a tie it will be broken using a random draw.
    1. If there is a tie for first the first winner will get the number 1 prize. If there is more than a two way tie another draw will be taken for the second place.
  3. The winner is the comment with the most VOTES, not reward.
  4. Downvotes are ignored as part of this contest.
  5. The winners will be chosen at payout, so in 1 week.

How to support this effort

If you are interested in supporting these monthly contests follow me and upvote any content that you like, or reblog these posts. The more HBD I have at the end of the month the more I can reward.

If it gets to the point that there is consistently more than 30 HIVE I will start adding more winners.


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