Sbc league: December 2018 entries!

We have been quiet for some time!
But we can assure you that the SBC league will continue on the Steem blockchain!

The year is almost over and with the end of the year we also have the end of the month!
So it is time for the participants to write up their December betting report and to post the link as a comment on this post!

The price pool is just like thepast months 6 Steem!
Due to the holiday season and the amount of food and alcohol some of us will consume we will accept entries untill next Saturday!

Have a nice year end and of the one who do lightsome fireworks: be careful you need all your fingers in 2019!

Also don’t forget that we will be giving away 5000 scorum coins next month!
You can read about this more here:

The SBC crew!

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