#SaveTheChildren - Censorship Implemented & Engaged Immediately in a Global War Game. Did you know about it?

Caught a quick glimpse of the Los Angeles one before it was suppressed and for the greater part, wiped. Was so cool and surreal to see :-)

These photos and more here

from the LA #SaveTheChildren rally

Rolling Stone: What Is #SaveTheChildren and Why Did Facebook Block It?

It is disappointing to see #msm mainstream media narrative use their same, half-assed old tricks. This is why it should be referred to last when relying on as a source of information. It is because of not being able to easily find these fantastic photos that I commenced the search for all of them. And it is because of them I can call bullshit loudly and screechingly at an old sock (puppet) like Rolling Stone.

Luckily it doesn't take all of them to prove that the Rolling Stone is completely full of shit here, blithely exposing their own complicity of now being another rank n file purveyor of global #msm bullshit. What happened to Rolling Stone? What happened to a lot of more venerable institutions that once were trusted? Publisher = purveyor and purveyor...

In the present era, one could hypothesize that lies are more essential than food. Watch your diet, and be careful of what you eat. Everything that is being pushed onto us and all that which is censored, shadowbanned, limited in reach is something we must be very mindful of.

If in doubt about the prospect being sold, then ask yourself what would have I done in 2019?


This is wonderful. Reclaim your voice, reclaim your conscious self and reclaim your power. Reclaim back the Crown's stranglehold over their subjects, their slaves.

Be a slave only to the bass and make the dancefloor your street.

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