2023 Crypto targets - Plan A, Plan B, Plan C and even Plan D - March week 1

As I was checking my numbers, it seems that I need to put everything on paper, or at least write it here, on this post, so I can come back and check at the beginning of next year. I have some priorities, and most of the year I will invest and re-invest in Hive Blockchain, as this is my main priority for 2023, with the aim of reaching Orca level in a couple of years. I am starting with:

6K Hive

25.6K LEO

4K DHEDGE - Objective achieved for this one



300 INDEX - Objective achieved for this one

20 BXT

24 LGN - Objective achieved for this one

zero EDS


2.5K GLX

So, what is the plan? Basically, I divided the numbers into 3, pardon 4 lists, 3 related to Hive, and one for the rest of the crypto-market.

Primary objectives:

Hive - 10K on the curation account (5155 now) and the Dolphin level, 2k on the staking account (1355 now) - 3/12 Power Up badges achieved.

Secondary objectives:

Leo - 30K (from 26300 now) and 2/12 LPUD badges - 472 LEO powered up on the last LPUD, I received a 5K Leo delegation from @khaleelkazi, thanks mate, appreciated! I'll put it to work (it is related to squires activity on Discord).

ARCHON/ARCHONM - 2% of the total number (from 1.57% now) and raising my rank from 13 to 10.

EDS/EDSMM - I just discovered this one, seems promising, and I started with 50 EDS mini miners, to check them and see how they work. I got 8.29 out of 100 EDS projected for 31.12.2023.

Tertiary objectives:

BROFI - 100 (from 64 now)

BXT - 100 (from 20 now) more Hive

ALIVE - 1111 delegated to @heartbeatonhive (11 for now) and 1000 powered up for me to tip Alive

Blockchain games, Splinterlands, here I go big or go home:

SPS - 100K (from 77K now)

GLX - 10k (from 5.2K now)

Max level for all Chaos Legion Cards - 7 remaining (Upgraded Goblin Psychic to max level 10, hopefully fully maxed this week, and bought 1 more card for Astral Entity summoner, 3 left to fully upgrade, but Lily is here, with 8 cards needed to fully upgrade)

Max level for all Riftwatchers Cards - 38

And outside Hive blockchain, some not so extensive list of crypto to add to my portfolio, as I started with this one, and then fully focus on Hive:

2.25 BNB

10 DOT

8500 REEF

43.6 NEAR

This is the initial plan, for the whole year. Next on the list are the ArchonM and ARCHON tokens. I did get the EGLD & XTZ this month too. A bit annoyed as Binance stopped the auto-staking for UK, this will slow me down a bit. While I am counting this year objectives, 11 down, 15 to go. Beautiful list, isn't it? I can choose smaller achievable targets, but where is the challenge in doing it? The objectives difficulty is increasing now, as I started with the easiest ones.

Objectives achieved list:

Objective achieved: ALIVE/ALIVEM - I bought 1000 to start, 1111 delegated to @aliveandthriving now. (I have also delegated some RC, and I am paid 4-5 Alive weekly).

Objective achieved: INDEX - I reached the 500 I wanted for this year.

Objective achieved: DHEDGE- I reached the 5000 I wanted for this year.

Objective achieved: Buy 100 +10 Chaos Legion packs before the Winter quest expires

Objective achieved: 1.8 EGLD - 1.89 bought

Objective achieved: 695 ZIL - 705 bought

Objective achieved: 69 XTZ - 76 bought

Objective achieved: 70 ADA - 70 bought

Objective achieved: 1.8 KSM - 1.86 KSM bought

Objective achieved: 320 USDT - 321 USDT bought

Objective achieved: LGN - I reached the 100 I wanted for this year.

See you all tomorrow,


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