Can I use my SafePal Hardware wallet with MetaMask?

Would you like to use a hardware wallet to secure your MetaMask? Why would that even be needed? Well, if someone would steal your computer, hack your computer, or simply gain control of your computer, they might be able to hack and steal funds from your MetaMask wallet.

But, if your MetaMask wallet is secured through a hardware wallet, then even gaining control of your MetaMask wallet will not be enough, as the actual hardware wallet is needed in addition to do the transactions. In other words, they will either need your actual hardware wallet (with its password), or they will need your private passkey/passphrase. In other words, a hardware wallet will make it harder to steal funds from your MetaMask wallet.


But, can you use MetaMask together with SafePal?

I have a SafePal wallet myself, but, unfortunately, it isn't supported by MetaMask yet. If you create a new MetaMask wallet and try to connect it to a hardware wallet, the only two supported hardware wallets currently showing up are Ledger and Trezor.

So, that was it. I am sad about the actual answer, but I hope you at least found the answer to your questions!

If you have any updated about this, please write, because I would love to hear about it whenever MetaMask decides to add support for SafePal hardware wallets as well!

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