New marshland to be created with $176 million BP spill restoration money


Officials estimate that the two areas will be able to provide an initial 8.1 million cubic yards of sediment, and that during the project’s 26-month lifetime, enough additional sediment will be deposited in the two mining areas to provide the remaining 2.1 million cubic yards of material to finish the work.

Interesting article about a restoration project in South Louisiana and what it will cost. I'm all for all the restoration work that we can get done, but the money they are spending is mind boggling. A two year project at around $90 million a year to pump dirt! I'm in the wrong business that's for sure. It should not cost that much, no way. I hope they're having fun paying off the right people and padding the books because that BP money can't last forever, and when it's gone the local and federal governments aren't going to be giving them that kind of money.

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